Apple Lattice Pie

Apple Lattice Pie
Apple Lattice Pie


European styled apple and almond swirl on a shortbread base dressed with lattice pastry and finished with a jam glaze.

Apple Lattice Pie


Apples Diced, Plain Flour, Water, Caster Sugar, Margarine, Instant Starch, Sultanas Australian, Egg, Orange Concentrate, Vanilla Essence, Cinnamon.

Storage:     0-5C
Shelf Life:  7 Days
Size:           27cm
Portions:    14

Nutrient Avg Per Serve Avg Per 100g
Energy (kj): 787.68 535.83
Protein (g): 1.83 1.25
Fat, Total (g): 4.91 3.34
Fat, Saturated (g): 3.08 2.09
Carbohydrate (g): 32.73 22.27
Sugars (g): 19.84 13.50
Sodium (mg): 90.40 61.49

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