Orange and Almond GF

Orange and Almond   GF
Orange and Almond GF


Very moist flourless boiled orange tea cake.  Based on a homemade almond meal recipe and dressed with glazed almonds.

Orange and Almond GF


Eggs, Almond Meal, Sugar, Margarine, Orange, Corn Flour, Almond Flakes.

Storage:     0-5C
Shelf Life:  7 Days
Size:           25cm
Portions:   14

Nutrient Avg Per Serve Avg Per 100g
Energy(kJ): 2382.53 1643.13
Protein(g): 14.07 9.70
Fat, Total (g): 8.32 28.64
- Saturated (g): 8.32 5.74
Carbohydrate (g): 33.44 23.06
- Sugars (g): 32.23 21.54
Sodium (mg): 153.43 105.81


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