Apple St. Moritz

Apple St. Moritz
Apple St. Moritz


A delicate cheesecake with a layer of apple and sultanas soaked in rum, and topped with macaroon lattice.

Apple St. Moritz


Neufchatel Cheese, Water, Custard Creme, Eggs, Sugar, Lemon Concentrate, Lime Concentrate, Apples Diced, Water, Starch, Sugar, Sultanas Australian, Orange Concentrate, Cinnamon, Short Bread, Flour, Coconut, Rum.

Storage:     0-5C
Shelf Life:  7 Days
Size:           28cm
Portions:   18

Nutrient Avg Per Serve Avg Per 100g
Energy(kJ): 2305.10 922.04
Protein(g): 14.22 5.69
Fat, Total (g): 32.92 13.17
- Saturated (g): 21.02 8.41
Carbohydrate (g): 46.71 18.68
- Sugars (g): 36.79 14.72
Sodium (mg): 354.63




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